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Notepad, meet calculator

Soulver is a natural language notepad calculator app for the Mac, iPad & iPhone.

It is a better way to work things out than a traditional calculator,
and a more lightweight tool for working through problems than a spreadsheet.

Enjoy a free 30-day no commitment trial today.

Download Soulver for iPad on the App Store

for iPad or iPhone
Single purchase of $20 (iPad) and $14 (iPhone)


or direct download for Mac (16 MB)
Single purchase of $34.95


for Mac, iPad & iPhone
+ 240 other apps for $9.99/month

What is Soulver?

A playground for ideas involving math

Soulver is a smart replacement for your calculator app. Use it to work things out, explore different scenarios and play around with numbers.

You can  use words alongside  numbers and almost never encounter an error.

And all your work is automatically saved for you so you can reference it later.

A better math machine

With Soulver you can see and edit all your calculations, all the time.

Unit conversions, including live real-world and cryptocurrencies are built-in.

Use headings, labels and comments to give your notes structure, and enjoy automatic formatting features and tasteful syntax coloring.

Take a load off your brain

Soulver comes with a set of natural language functions that make it easy to do common operations.

For example, working with dates, times, percentages and proportions is easier than ever.

And we're always thinking of new ways to make common tasks involving numbers more natural for the human brain.

An easy to use, versatile tool

Soulver comes with a stack of handy features for doing multi-step calculations.

You can reference previous lines, like a spreadsheet.

And assign names to numbers and use them as variables, like a programming language.

A total at the bottom automatically adds up all your lines, and you can make subtotals of specific sets of lines.

How do people feel about Soulver?

What will Soulver calculate for me?

percentages     quick totals & averages
200+ unit conversions     live & historical currency conversions
date & time calculations      business day calculations      time zone conversions
rates & earnings     compound interest & mortgages     live & historical stock prices
volume conversions & proportions     video timecodes
And so much more…

Powerful.  Customizable.  Connected.

Variables & Line References
  • Multi-word variables ("soulver price = $34.95")

  • Variable autocomplete (press escape)

  • Tokenizing line references (double-click an answer to insert)

  • Inline conditionals (if statements )

Live Data
  • 190 live & historical currency rates (crypto + real-word)

  • 150k  live & historical stock ticker prices (with Soulver Stocks subscription)

  • Live weather data (thanks to  Weather)

  • Live public holiday data for your country

Customizable Calculation Engine
  • Define global variables across all sheets

  • Invent new custom units

  • Set custom timezones

  • Customize currency symbols

Automatic Number Formatting
  • Format numbers with thousands separators while typing

  • Automatic spacing around mathematical operators

  • Closing parentheses insertion & highlighting

  • Automatic conversion of foreign numbers

Best-in-class productivity apps for your MaciPad & iPhone


for iPad or iPhone
Single purchase of $20 (iPad) and $14 (iPhone)

Requires at least iOS/iPadOS 16


Or direct download for Mac (16 MB)
Single purchase of $34.95

Requires at least macOS 12
Optimized for macOS 14 and Apple Silicon


for Mac, iPad & iPhone
+ 240 other apps for $9.99/month

More information about Soulver

Other versions of Soulver for your Mac

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A Spotlight-like menu-bar quick calculator

Soulver X1 Icon

Advanced, document-based prototype  Soulvers

Soulver requires macOS 12 or iOS/iPadOS 16 or later • 30-day no-commitment trial • not tested on animals

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