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Notepad, meet calculator

Soulver is a notepad calculator app for Mac.
It's a notepad that gives instant answers to calculations in your text.

Soulver is a better way to work things out than a classic calculator,
and a more lightweight tool for working through problems than a spreadsheet.

Requires a Mac running macOS Big Sur or later – 24 MB download
30-day no-commitment trial –  single purchase of $34.95.
Optimized for macOS Ventura and Apple Silicon

What is Soulver?

A playground for ideas involving math

Soulver is great as a simple calculator replacement. But it really shines when you use it to explore different scenarios and experiment with numbers. You can  use words and numbers alongside each other and you almost never encounter an error. And all your work is automatically saved for you so you can reference it later.

A better math machine

With Soulver you can see and edit all your calculations, all the time. Unit conversions, including live real-world and cryptocurrencies are built-in. Use headings, labels and comments to give your notes structure, and enjoy automatic formatting features and tasteful syntax coloring.

Take a load off your brain

Soulver comes with a set of natural language functions that make it easy to do common operations. For example, working with dates, times, percentages and proportions is easier than ever. And we're always thinking of new ways to make common tasks involving numbers more natural for the human brain.

An easy to use, versatile tool

Soulver comes with a stack of handy features for doing multi-step calculations. For instance, you can reference previous lines, kind of like a spreadsheet. And like a programming language, you can assign names to numbers and use them as variables in your calculations.
A total at the bottom automatically adds up all your line, and you can make subtotals of specific lines.

"I think this is actually my most used Mac app ever, I don't even remember life before Soulver. Everything from UI calculations to planning how much money we might make, this is the tool I reach for."
– Dave Verwer, iOS Dev Weekly

Join the growing community of Soulver lovers

Soulver is used by tens of thousands of productive people every day. Many of us have been using it for more than 10 years. Once you start relying on Soulver, you'll find it hard to imagine life without it.

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Soulver requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later • 30-day no-commitment trial • not tested on animals

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